Our services

Service & Repair

We want to be your first choice for repair of all brands of commercial washers, dryers, and flat work finishers. Our team of highly skilled, courteous technicians have been servicing clients for over 40 years.



We provide a wide range of on-premise equipment. They deliver industry-best performance, durability and efficiency.

Replacement Parts

Is there a part that you need? Or maybe you want to be prepared when you need the part and want to have it on hand. Whichever the case, we have the parts you need for your commercial laundry equipment.


Who We Service

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Out-Patient Centers
    • Hotels & Motels
    • Resorts Properties
    • Retreat/Meeting Centers
    • Restaurants
    • Casinos
      • Correctional Institutions
      • Fire Departments
      • Veteran's Administration
      • State/County Healthcare
      • The Military Services
      • Schools and Universities
      • Apartments
      • Campgrounds
      • Condominiums
      • Hotel Guest Laundries
      • Linen Rental Companies
      • Commercial Laundries
      • Uniform Rental Services
      • Coin-Op Laundries
      • Health Clubs
      • Golf and Tennis Clubs
      • NAICS Codes

        811310 / 333318 / 423850 / 423620

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